Flexxaire. The reversible fan for diesel engines.

The Flexxaire fan does more than optimize engine performance. It changes how you work.

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Your engine is an opportunity. Our fan takes full advantage.

More than a reversing fan, the Flexxaire Fan System is the world's leading smart airflow system.

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Reverse Airflow

Keep your radiator free and clear to increase efficiency and minimize operating downtime.

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Fuel Savings

With optimized variable air intake, your engine saves fuel and horsepower each hour of operation.

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Variable airflow prevents the underestimated harms of over cooling and promotes efficiency and longevity of your engine.

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Exceptional Cooling

Our system understands exactly when and how the pitch of the blade should change to maximize your engine’s performance.

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Flexxaire worked with Versatile to determine our specific needs and provided technical expertise throughout the integration process. The Flexxaire system improves the operating efficiency and increases the available power to the ground while reducing routine service and maintenance requirements.

Ryan Shust, Product Manager, Versatile Tractors

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