Flexxaire | Reversible Fan for Diesel Engines

Flexxaire Outperforms Other Reversing Fans

Features Flexxaire The Other Guys Reversible fans on the market
Hydraulic activation Some manufacturers offer this option
Pneumatic activation Some manufacturers offer this option
Variable pitch control Some manufacturers offer this option
Manual purge
Time purge
Able to reverse at any speed and any diameter
Ability to set the blades at 0 degrees and stop the airflow
Fail-safe design (the blades automatically move into max pitch in case of lack of pressure, cooling performance are always guaranteed)
Position sensor with linear feedback – easy and precise control
Full pitch control from -40o to +40o
In-house wind tunnel for test up to 1.55m (61”) fan diameter
In-house climatic chamber Some manufacturers offer this capability
In-house Computational Fluid Dynamic capabilities
Offset blade design
Bluetooth control
Control system integrated in Caterpillar engines ECU
Over 35 years of experience
Able to provide the same airflow in both directions Any fan manufacturer can claim to do it because the air temperature will change when flowing over the engine
Extended tips Flexxaire unique design “wider at the tip” does not need additional blade extension Some manufacturers offer this option