The forestry industry is experiencing strong growth and FinnMetko is one of the most specialized trade fairs for the forestry industry in northern Europe.

Major manufacturers like Ponsse, John Deere, Komatsu, Rottne, Rottne, Eco-Log, and many more exhibit their latest innovations every year at Jämsä.

Forestry machines normally operate in extreme environments where low temperatures and wood chips can strain the cooling system of their diesel engine, leading to overcooling and radiator clogging issues.

Flexxaire, with over 35 years of experience in manufacturing reversible fans, helps designers create forestry machines capable of working without frequent stops and with engine temperatures under control. A reversible Flexxaire fan helps keep the cooling system clean and eliminates over-cooling issues.

Once again this year, Flexxaire is exhibiting at FinnMetko and welcoming its many customers inside at booth 462.

We will present our range of reversible fans, from a diameter of 350 mm, designed to be installed on water pumps, up to large fans for larger harvesters and carriers. Our fan can automatically reverse the airflow to effectively clean the cooler at any rotational speed and control the airflow through direct communication with the engine management system.

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