Variable Pitch Engine Cooling Fan: Superior Airflow Control for Diesel Engines

The Flexxaire Fan System is an elegant refinement of the variable pitch fan. Rather than focusing on varying the pitch of the blades, Flexxaire has created a variable pitch engine cooling fan system that understands when and how the pitch should change to maximize your engine’s performance.

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The Flexxaire Fan System

The Flexxaire Variable Pitch Engine Cooling Fan System provides total control of airflow, keeps radiators clean, maximizes engine performance, saves fuel, and is robustly built and maintenance-free.


Reversible Fan Blades

Flexxaire’s reversible fan blades are designed and built for extreme conditions and high performance. High-quality glass-filled PAG (nylon) material allows for high temperature that ranges from -40°C to 110°C as well as high tip speed, i.e. up to 20,000 FPM.
The design of the blade shape is optimized to deliver maximum airflow and high static pressures needed to meet Tier IV emission requirements.

Variable Pitch Engine Cooling Hub

Flexxaire’s in motion variable pitch hub allows the fan blade pitch to be adjusted at any fan speed.

All hub components are machined from solid material to ensure perfect balance without any voids or porosity in material structure. All joints are sealed with high-quality O-rings. The mechanical spring-loaded fail-safe feature ensures maximum airflow if control is lost. Perfect Pitch Sensor provides accurate pitch feedback and is designed to last longer than the engine—operating up to 20Gs of vibration, from -40° to 120°C temperatures and exposure to debris and caustic fluids.



Flexxaire controls are flexible, feature-rich, robust, and integrate seamlessly with onboard electronics. The system can be as simple as reversing the airflow or as complex as temperature-driven pitch control. We provide turnkey solutions or assist you to integrate our system into an existing controller.

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