Kubota Tractor M7 171

“…with all environmentally friendly features, the M7’s Kubota diesel engine still delivers incredible power to get any job done quickly and efficiently.
This combination of uncompromising environmental performance and exceptionally high power elevates the M7 to the status of flagship of the Kubota tractor fleet.” – KUBOTA

Flexxaire Reversing Fan

Series 500

Offering automatic reversing at any speed and on-demand for additional reversing as needed.

Fan Positions Available:
 – Default or Reverse
Infinite Variable Pitch – From 0° to +40° based on system needs

Actuation Method:Pneumatic or Hydraulic
Diameter: 590 mm/23.22 in


Radiator Cleaning
Increase Productivity
Reduce Downtime
Fuel Savings
Reduce Emissions
Avoid Overcooling
Noise Reduction

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