Flexxaire | Reversible Fan for Diesel Engines
Eco-Log & Flexxaire reversible fan

Swedish based forestry equipment manufacturer Eco-Log chooses Flexxaire as exclusive supplier of variable pitch cooling engine fans.


Swedish based manufacturer Eco-Log (ecologforestry.com) designs, manufactures and sells machines into the modern forest sector. Their machine line-up of harvesters and forwarders provide opportunities for the sustainable use of one of the most important renewable resources on the earth – the forest.
By striving to design and manufacture the best engineered and most profitable machines on the market today; Eco-Log has secured a solid footing in the sector of forestry machine manufacturers.
Since 2004 from Eco-Log’s Söderhamn facility in Sweden, they have delivered very unique and specialized forestry machinery that ”make a difference” for their customers.

Today, Eco-Log boasts a work-force of about 100 employees who work to meet and exceed its customers’ expectations.
From the engineers to the assemblers, service technicians and sales staff – the company is in constant contact to continually improve and develop their products.
For Eco-Log, it is more than just the sale of their product but about developing a relationship as a partner helping to contribute to the success of their customer and at Flexxaire we echo that desire; to partner with a customer and provide a quality and solution driven components that add value is a win/win.

As of 2016 Flexxaire has been chosen to be the exclusive supplier of variable pitch cooling engine fans.
Eco-Log prides itself in manufacturing forestry equipment that will meet the demand of harvesting timber while at the same time minimizing the environmental footprint. Lower fuel consumption and reduced emissions are two of the benefits that the Flexxaire full variable pitch fans can deliver plus the feature of reversing airflow to help remove debris, wood chips and dust generated in the harvesting of timber. Flexxaire and Eco-Log engineers collaborated on the fan system development with the goal for the Flexxaire fan and control to be fully integrated into the Eco-Log controls system.

With the Flexxaire pitch sensor fan (closed loop system) specific system temperatures are monitored on the ECU of the engine and airflow is adjusted as required by pitch change; the Flexxaire fan provides only the amount of air the engine requires. The result is lower fan horsepower and in turn lower fuel consumption; a value add benefit contributing to the “better fuel economy / reduced emissions; ultimate goals for the Eco-Log machines.

Eco-Log’s corporate Environment Policy states; “the forest is a matter of the heart to us – it is the base of our business and a constant source of inspiration for our employees. We want our products and services to contribute to an ecologically sustainable society and drive environmental progress forward.”

To be good stewards of the planet Earth is something we should all strive to do both in business and our personal lives and to be able to say we supply a product to such a company – that is a rewarding part of our business.

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