Flexxaire Outperforms Other Reversing Fan

Hydraulic and Pneumatic Actuation
Manual and Timed Reverse Cycles
Reverse at FULL Speed at ANY Diameter
Ability to run in a neutral (0°) pitch and stop airflow
Fail-Safe Design. If there is a drop in pressure, fan defaults to maximum cooling to avoid engine overheating
Pitch control across full range of motion (-40° to +40°)
Pitch sensor with linear feedback, ensures precise blade control
In-house air flow testing up to 2.38m (94”) fan diameter meets ANSI/AMCA 201 certified aerodynamic standard.
In-house climatic chamber, for extreme weather testing
Offset blade design
Wifi control
Control system integration within OEM engines (Caterpillar, Cummins, etc)
Optimized blade design eliminates need for tip extension
Blade pitch reverses at full speed without overloading the engine
Over 30 years of experience