Read here what MOVE IT MAGAZINE says about Flexxaire Inc. In their Latest edition OCT-NOV 2018 at page no 22.

Flexxaire: Reversible Blades That Make Dust Fly
Based in Edmonton, Canada Flexxaire designs and manufactures reversible and variable pitch fans for diesel engines. The product is a kit consisting of specially designed spacer fan for mounting on a precise machine model, as well as components for controlling the pitch of the blades by pneumatic pressure. There Flexxaire fans are capable of reversing blade pitch at maximum speed with a design the avoids additional load on system components.
With this device the airflow is reversed in less than a second, cleaning the radiator. It has several advantages. First of all a reducing of the risk of fire in the engine compartment. Then, the machine does not need to be shut down for cleaning the radiator which increases productivity. If necessary, additional cleaning can be done with a simple push a button. ”

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