Great news this month for TIGER CORPORATION (part of the Alamo Group). The company is located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and has been producing Flail movers since 1968.

Tiger has recently won a tender of 12 John Deere tractors. s 6130M for Caltrans. One of the principal requests in the bid was the installation of reversible fans able to automatically clean up the cooler from debris and dust.

Flexxaire proposed a SERIES 1000 with pneumatic activation. The fan kit included a timer and manual switch for additional purges, 12V compressor, and pneumatic valve. A full step by step installation manual is also included in this kit.

According to the Mr. Shawn Cleary, President of Tiger Corporation Inc, “The kit is plug-n-play and the installation on each tractor took as few as 6 hours. The fan is very effective in cleaning the radiator and, thanks to the unique Flexxaire design, it offers the possibility to switch the air direction at maximum fan speed guaranteeing hassle-free daily operations

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