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LOGSET 8H GTE Harvester

LOGSET Approved & Factory Installed

The Flexxaire reversible fan is a LOGSET-approved feature. Our reversible fan designs are available for the Logset 8H GTE harvesting machine as a factory option straight from the assembly line.

The Logset 8H GTE performs easily in forests with small to large size trees and varying terrain. Everything is made for maximum production with reasonable amount of driver effort.  All in a robust steel shell that is built to last and produce.

The addition of a Flexxaire Reversible Fan to this machine will ease operation in the field by automatically keeping the radiator clean of dust and debris.

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Let’s Talk about Your Needs

To learn more about Flexxaire reversible radiator fan systems—or for help in pinpointing the fan that meets your needs, please reach out to us.