High Tech Made in Germany meets Canadian Innovative Power

“Advantage through innovation” – that is the motto of Flexxaire and the company IRUS from Burladingen in Germany. For more than 85 years, the company has been developing and producing professional hand-guided. For almost 20 years, it also has radio-controlled carrier machines for landscape, forestry, and slope maintenance and has established itself in a leading market position in Europe.

Powerful and robust, comfortable to use even in inaccessible terrain, up to any conceivable task. These are the main features of IRUS machines and attachments.

20 years after IRUS developed the world’s first radio-controlled carrier machine, IRUS relies on the latest machine generation, the DELTRAK V3 and TWIN V2, on Flexxaire’s reversible fans.

The new generation features 50 to 75 hp diesel engines with the lowest emission level. In addition, it can handle even the most challenging terrain and vegetation—the compact design with a low center of gravity and hydraulic track width adjustment with individually extendable.

DELTA crawler tracks with exceptional track guidance, it is possible to maintain slopes with an angle of inclination of up to 60° in a wide range of soil conditions. Thanks to the radio remote control, the operator always keeps an overview and the machine under supervision with minimal physical strain and maximum safety.

Due to the strong airflow of the fan in combination with the automatic cleaning intervals of the radiator and grille, 100% engine power is always available with the Flexxaire reversible fan, even at maximum outside temperature and engine load. In addition, nearly no manual cleaning is required, which saves a lot of time.

Less downtime – more efficiency!


Neue Generation 2021