Dutch-manufactured Roberine commercial mowing machines use Flexxaire reversible fans for diesel engines.


Since 1951 Roberine has been manufacturing high quality mowing machines, the tradition has been revived with the latest 3 and 5 series mowers. These commercial mowers are renowned for their high quality of cut and ability to mow in all weather conditions and are available with cylinder or flail cutting units. The F3 triple flail mower has proven to be a truly versatile and robust mower capable of mowing long, thick, and wet grass with the same results as when mowing well maintained short grass where a presentable finish is required.

The latest arrivals are the F5 and R5 mowers with 5 cutting units and a maximum cutting width 3.45m! The flail version also offers additional benefits including low operating costs and reduced down-time due to the ability to quickly replace flails in the field in the case of encountering unforeseen obstacles that would cause damage to traditional cylinder units. This is especially important for operators maintaining large areas on a time-critical basis.

Residential areas will also benefit from the low noise of the mowers and from a clean cut, grass residue is very fine and well spread and due to the residue being discharged from the rear of the cutting units almost no clean-up is required after mowing alongside footpaths or roads reducing strain on the workforce.

F5 Technical Specification

• Yanmar 4 cyl. Turbo Diesel 2.0 Intercooler 47kW (66hp) @ 2600rpm.
• 5 Cutting units offering a 3.45m total cutting width and a maximum mowing speed of up to 12km/h, cutting units fold to a maximum machine width of only 1.8m meters for access to narrow areas.
• 25 km/h road speed and LED road lighting kit for fast on-road transport between mowing sites.
• Command arm with ergonomic controls and on-board computer with LCD display.

Flexxaire Series 500

Roberine mowers often perform in dusty conditions where dry grass residue and chaff can build up on the radiator reducing the effectiveness of engine cooling and compromising performance. Roberine have selected the Flexxaire Series 500 reversing fan for the 3 and 5 Series mowers to benefit from AutoReverse and Variable Airflow.

The reversible fan series 500 can effectively clean the radiator with the press of a button or in automatic intervals. This increases operating efficiency by saving fuel and maintaining optimum engine performance. It also improves overall productivity by eliminating the need for frequent manual radiator cleaning and reduces the risk of damage to the engine from overheating.

The purge of the reversible fan can be adjusted to suit different mowing conditions and Flexxaire fans will deliver airflow as required adding enhanced fuel economy by not blowing more air than is required when mowing conditions are less unfavourable.