Moving Businesses Forward with Reversible Fans

Flexxaire is known around the world as a leading developer of variable pitch fan technology. Our commitment to delivering optimum diesel engine efficiency to heavy equipment users in a wide range of industries has continued for more than 40 years.

The first name in variable pitch fan technology

Throughout every phase of our design and manufacturing processes, our goal is to deliver a variable pitch fan that meets the requirements and standards of every customer. Each fan that leaves our facility undergoes rigorous and regular testing to ensure that we always deliver the best possible product.
Our success stems from our multi-talented teams of engineers, production, and sales and support specialists. Not only are they industry experts, they are dedicated to understanding your industry, your challenges and your equipment needs so that we can provide the best solution for keeping your radiators clean. And they are dedicated to keeping an eye on the details in order to provide the service and support you deserve.

Flexxaire Company History

Learn a bit more about the key points in our history as a business. Our experiences mean we’ve crafted a lifetime of experience into our fans.

The Flexxaire Story Began

It began with Clarence Isert: a local farmer/ inventor, who working in an open cab dozer in the extremes of Alberta weather with his radiator continuously plugging, decided that a variable pitch fan would solve many problems. After building several prototypes, Clarence developed a workable design for a Cat D6D.

Flexxaire was Born

Clarence and a group of local investors joined forces and formed Flexxaire Manufacturing.

Contract Signing

Flexxaire signed a contract signed with Caterpillar Inc. This event really was a turning point in Flexxaire’s history as it was the first OEM to offer a factory-installed Flexxaire fan.

Mark III

The fan product evolved in 1996 with the introduction of the Mark III processor-based digital fan control system.

Manufacturing Facility

The company moved to its current location where a full manufacturing facility was built.

FX Fan

Flexxaire introduced a new model of the Flexxaire fan, named the FX fan. The FX fan was the first commercial hydraulically actuated variable pitch fan.

AX Pneumatic

A new product line was unveiled—AX pneumatic fan series, actuated by an air supply and could mount directly on to a customer’s existing fan drive

AX Hybrid

The AX “hybrid” fan series was introduced—same overall design as the AX pneumatic but now the fan could be actuated hydraulically.

Name Change

The current owners purchased Flexxaire Manufacturing Inc. and the name was changed to Flexxaire Inc.

Pitch Sensor

Flexxaire introduced a pitch sensor for our fan. This resulted in unprecedented control of the pitch and therefore the airflow generated by the Flexxaire fan.

Wind Tunnel Construction

Construction for our wind tunnel was complete. Allowing our team to test engineering designs like new blade concepts of hub upgrades on site.

Expansion to Europe

Flexxaire opened a branch office in Switzerland and kept expanding our European business outreach.

New Building for Wind Tunnel

The wind tunnel was given a new and more permanent home. We use this high-quality tool to conduct back-to-back performance testing to ensure we meet or exceed the performance of the fans we replace.


The Flexxaire control kit received official certification and was ready for market. This brought the production of the control component in house, allowing for more opportunity for R&D and improvements for our customers.


The FlexxPerformance blade was patented, the first reversible blade without a counterweight. With a larger diameter range, this blade can be used in a wider range of applications.

New Production Facility

Flexxaire opened their new production building which doubled their manufacturing footprint. The innovative new facility features a fully roboticized production line and high-tech quality assurance. The building features a bold design and solar panels to diversify the company’s carbon footprint.


Engineering, production, or sales and support—every member of the Flexxaire team is proud to stand behind our product.

Jon McCallum

Engineering Manager and Corporate President

Simone Drera

Vice President of Business Development

Frank Rodrigues

Production Manager

Corinne Cotterhill

Production Coordinator

Will Leddy

Quality Manager

Colleen Erickson



To learn more about Flexxaire reversible radiator fan systems—or for help in pinpointing the fan that meets your needs, please reach out to us.