Our Diesel Cooling Fan Serves a Wide Range of Industry Needs

You’ll find Flexxaire cooling fans on the diesel engines of heavy equipment used in a wide range of applications. From agriculture to power generation, we work with customers working in a wide range of industries.


Farmers and contractors implement Flexxaire cooling fans for diesel engines on their heavy machinery to prevent overheated fluids in the engine, transmission, and hydraulic systems, and to improve efficiency. You’ll find our reversible fan technology on tractors, combines, self-propelled sprayers, and other vital agricultural equipment around the world.


Because of the dust and other debris at construction sites, the heavy equipment used in this environment requires highly efficient reversible fans to clean the cooling system, increase productivity, and reduce fuel consumption.You’ll find Flexxaire cooling fans for diesel engines on hydraulic excavators, dozers, wheel loaders, motor graders, tracked tractors, and more.


The powerful machines used in forestry operate in extreme environments where low temperatures and wood chips will challenge diesel engine cooling systems. Flexxaire cooling fans for diesel engines help keep cooling systems on harvesters, forwarders, feller bunches, and other machines clean and performing effectively.


High temperatures often affect the performance of mining equipment that operates in rugged, hazardous environments. Flexxaire cooling fans for diesel engines ensure optimal operation of the cooling systems on equipment that includes ore trucks, crushers, drills rigs, motor graders, excavators, mining shovels, and dozers.

Landfill Operations

The waste handling industry uses compactors, shredders, wheel loaders, excavators, shredders, screeners, and other equipment that must perform in debris-filled environments. Flexxaire cooling fans for diesel engines have been proven to enable reliable operation in these challenging conditions.

Power Generation

Energy production with generators and other heavy equipment creates heat that builds up and can cause failure. That’s why power companies look to Flexxaire to enable their diesel generators, portable generators, gas generators, and other equipment to perform with reliable efficiency.

Municipal Vehicles

Municipal vehicles like remote-controlled machines, hydrostatic self-propelled machines, tool carriers, and all-season utility vehicles often need to operate in challenging environments. When cooling systems are compromised by grass and other materials, the Flexxaire cooling fan for diesel engines performs automatic cleaning cycles during machine operations.

Grinders / Mulchers / Chippers

The decision-makers in a wide range of industries rely on Flexxaire cooling fans for diesel engines for the automatic cleaning on mulchers, chippers, grinders, screeners, and other critical heavy equipment.


To learn more about Flexxaire reversible radiator fan systems—or for help in pinpointing the fan that meets your needs, please reach out to us.