We Go the Distance for OEMs with Custom Reversible Fans for Diesel Engines

Integrate the industry’s leading reversible fan for diesel engines into your equipment

Whether we’re customizing a Flexxaire reversible fan to integrate into a new or existing product line – or developing a solution to enhance a brand-new application – the Flexxaire OEM team works closely with you to understand and meet your engine design standards.

Tap into the talents of an experienced team

With decades of experience working with leading brands in multiple industries, the Flexxaire OEM team is uniquely qualified to collaborate with your engineers to deliver the best possible reversible fan for diesel engines on your application.

Integrate leading reversible fan technology into your products

You’re a leader in your industry. Flexxaire is the leading smart airflow system. To customize the industry’s best reversible fan solution for your diesel engines, we carefully optimize the fan size, pitch, and speed to integrate our controls into your controls.

Enjoy quality, responsive service and support

When it comes to understanding and meeting your needs, we’re quick studies. As we work with our OEM partners, we pay close attention to detail every step of the way, from the testing phase to delivery and installation.

Work with a manufacturer that understands what you’re up against

With our extensive experience working with dealers and end users in your industry, we understand your challenges and we know what it takes to engineer a product that meets your customer’s specific requirements.

Our reversible fan solutions are trusted by industry leaders

Learn how companies in multiple industries are gaining a competitive edge with Flexxaire as their trusted partner.


To learn more about Flexxaire reversible radiator fan systems—or for help in pinpointing the fan that meets your needs, please reach out to us.