Ensure Unstoppable Equipment Performance with the Best Reversible Fan for Heavy Machinery

Get the most out of your new machinery with Flexxaire

Nothing stops heavy equipment faster than a clogged radiator. That’s why more and more owners and operators are integrating Flexxaire reversible fans for heavy machinery into their diesel engines. It’s the best way to keep your radiator clean and optimize engine performance.

Keep your radiator free of dirt and debris.

The Flexxaire reversible fan for heavy machinery is designed to operate in the most extreme conditions. Its patented fast-pitch reversing movement is the secret to purging debris from the radiator system and keeping it clean and operational at all times. Automatically.

Realize exponential fuel savings.

Unlike conventional fans, the Flexxaire reversible fan for heavy machinery delivers only the airflow required to keep the radiator clean—freeing up power for your engine and saving fuel costs. That’s why it’s the world’s leading smart airflow system.

Add hours of productivity to your operation.

A Flexxaire reversible fan not only improves the operating efficiency of your equipment, it reduces the need for routine service and maintenance. So, there’s no more downtime for manual cleaning and less risk of a fire in the engine compartment.

We make it easy to make Flexxaire a part of your equipment.

When there is debris in the radiator, keeping the engine running is a real challenge. Integrating a Flexxaire reversible fan into your equipment is quick and easy. We’ll work with your dealer to ensure proper installation of your Flexxaire fan – or help you do it yourself.


For nearly 40 years, Flexxaire reversible fans have been enabling diesel engine cooling systems to operate at peak efficiency. Our reversible fan blades create the precise airflow for efficient radiator cooling, even in extreme conditions, while the smart variable pitch cooling fan system understands when and how to adjust the blade pitch to any fan speed.

Our reversible fan solutions are trusted by industry leaders

Learn how companies in multiple industries are gaining a competitive edge with Flexxaire as their trusted partner.


To learn more about Flexxaire reversible radiator fan systems—or for help in pinpointing the fan that meets your needs, please reach out to us.