Flexxaire Fan Benefits and Fuel Savings

The Flexxaire Fan Airflow System provides total control of airflow, keeps radiators clean, maximizes engine performance, saves fuel, and is robustly built and maintenance-free.

Reversible Fan System Designed for Radiator Cleaning

Radiator Cleaning System

With fast pitch reversing, in under one second, the Flexxaire Fan purges debris from the radiator, effectively cleaning the radiator system. This ensures your radiator is kept clean and operational at all times. It can be programmed to purge at automatic intervals or manually with the touch of a button. Reversing happens at full speed by hydraulic or pneumatic actuation of the internal cylinder rotating instantly the fan blades from a working position over the neutral into reversing and back.

  • No Shutdown for Manual Radiator Cleaning
  • Increased Productivity
  • Reduce the Likelihood of Fire in the Engine Department
  • Cleaning on Demand for Extra Unscheduled Purging

Enhanced Fuel Economy

Cooling packages and conventional fans are sized and designed to keep your engine running on the hottest day of the year with your engine at full power. This means that for the vast majority of the time, the fan is blowing significantly more air and using more power and fuel than is needed. Flexxaire fans deliver only as much airflow as required, creating exponential fuel savings, saving fuel compared to conventional fans, or increasing productivity by freeing up power for your machine.

Less Energy Consumption Leads to Fuel Savings

  • At an average ambient temperature of 15°C, the Flexxaire fan’s power draw is reduced by 75%, resulting in significant fuel savings.

Flexxaire Fans Provide More Net Engine Power

  • If available, engine power is prioritized over fuel savings; the additional power can be directed to the engine, resulting in high net engine power.

Variable Pitch Engine Cooling Hub

Flexxaire’s in motion variable pitch hub allows the fan blade pitch to be adjusted at any fan speed.

All hub components are machined from solid material to ensure perfect balance without any voids or porosity in material structure. All joints are sealed with high-quality O-rings. The mechanical spring-loaded fail-safe feature ensures maximum airflow if control is lost. Perfect Pitch Sensor provides accurate pitch feedback and is designed to last longer than the engine—operating up to 20Gs of vibration, from -40° to 120°C temperatures, and exposure to debris and caustic fluids.


Easy Installation

Flexxaire fan installation is simple. The fan uses the same space as a conventional fan. Flexxaire custom designs an adapter plate for each application. To install a fan, bolt on the Flexxaire adapter plate and fan and install the control system.

Exceptional Control

With high precision electronic controls, the Flexxaire airflow control system continuously and automatically adjusts the blade pitch to deliver the precise airflow that is needed. The control also periodically reverses the airflow to blow debris off the radiator keeping it clean.

The control integrates seamlessly with existing onboard electronics to provide unparalleled control of airflow with fast response times.


Amount of Time It Takes to Change Pitch of Fan

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