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Our Vision

At Flexxaire, we are driven by our goal to provide a product that truly contributes to the success of our customers. We continuously strive to achieve this goal by being an innovative reversible fan manufacturer and using the latest technology in our design process, in our manufacturing, and in the product itself.

Building to Last

At Flexxaire, we care about the details. We invest in design, engineering, and testing because we’re committed to putting the best available product on the market. We invest in customer service and support because we want to understand how well we perform for our customers and partners.

In the end, we believe our biggest indicator of success is the number of fan systems we have operating out in the field. Every year, that number grows.

We have a product, but we don’t stop there.

As leading engine cooling fan manufacturers, we’re never finished building. Each component we produce — blades, sensors, or software — is tested regularly to make sure we make a product that outperforms competitors and exceeds our customers’ expectations.

Our History

Learn a bit more about the key points in our history as a business.

Our experiences mean we’ve crafted a lifetime of experience into our fans.


Pitch Sensor

In 2012, Flexxaire introduced a pitch sensor for our fan. This resulted in unprecedented control of the pitch and therefore the airflow generated by the Flexxaire fan.


Name Change

In 2010, the current owners purchased Flexxaire Manufacturing Inc. and the name changed to Flexxaire Inc.


AX Hybrid

In 2008, the AX “hybrid” fan series was introduced—same overall design as the AX pneumatic but now the fan could be actuated hydraulically.


AX Pneumatic

In 2002, a new product line was unveiled—AX pneumatic fan series, actuated by an air supply and could mount directly on to a customer’s existing fan drive


FX Fan

In 2000, Flexxaire introduced a new model of the Flexxaire fan, named the FX fan. The FX fan was the first commercial hydraulically actuated variable pitch fan.


Manufacturing Facility

In 1997, the company moved to its current location where a full manufacturing facility was built.


Mark III

The fan product evolved in 1996 with the introduction of the Mark III processor-based digital fan control system.


Contract signing

In 1994, Flexxaire signed a contract signed with Caterpillar Inc. This event really was a turning point in Flexxaire’s history as it was the first OEM to offer a factory-installed Flexxaire fan.


Flexxaire is Born

The Flexxaire story begins in 1983 with Clarence Isert: a local farmer/ inventor. After working in an open cab dozer in the extremes of Alberta weather (+35C in the summer, -40C in the winter) and with his radiator continuously plugging, Clarence decided that a variable pitch fan would solve a lot of problems. After building a number of prototypes, Clarence developed a workable design for a Cat D6D. In 1989, Clarence and a group of local investors joined forces and formed Flexxaire Manufacturing.

Our Team

Engineering, production, or sales and support—every member of the Flexxaire team is proud to stand behind our product.



Engineering Manager and Corporate President



Business Development Manager



Vice President, Sales and Marketing



OEM Account Manager



Dealer Accounts Manager



Sales Manager Europe



Production Coordinator



Product Support

Our Facility

Our test facility in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada has produced substantial results for us. For each new application, we see our fan system used, we test to make sure nothing goes unnoticed.


Innovation Award for New Technology

Awarded by Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters

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Conflict Minerals Position Statement

The United States Congress has associated the extraction and trade of tin, tungsten, tantalum, and gold (“Conflict Minerals”) with human rights violations in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and adjoining countries (collectively, the “DRC”). Flexxaire is committed to the responsible sourcing of Conflict Minerals used in our products. With regard to the extraction and trade of Conflict Minerals, Flexxaire will not knowingly provide support to, contribute to, assist with, or facilitate armed conflict in the DRC.