Series 2000
The Reversing Fan for Diesel Engines



Actuation Method

Pneumatic, Hydraulic

Actuation Pressure Range

Pneumatic: 7 – 10 bar / 100 – 130 psi,
Hydraulic: 14 – 35 bar / 200 – 500 psi

Diameter Range

660 – 1168 mm / 26 – 46 in

Weight Range

14.1 – 21.8 kg / 31 – 48 lb

Typical Applications

Wheel loaders, Excavators, Shredders, Compactors

Fan Installation Manual Datasheet Dimension Sheet

What our customers are saying

“The Flexxaire fan has solved our cooling problem, preventing the obstruction of the protection grids and the accumulation of fine dust in the heat exchangers.”

Carlos Antoniolli, Research & Development Manager, IPACOL

“Flexxaire worked with Versatile to determine our specific needs and provided technical expertise throughout the integration process. The Flexxaire system improves the operating efficiency and increases the available power to the ground while reducing routine service and maintenance requirements.”

Ryan Shust, Product Manager, Versatile Tractors

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