Risley Equipment and Flexxaire

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Risley Equipment Inc. designed the E-Clips EX300 multi-purpose brush-cutter, mulcher and stump grinder to be the next generation of multi-purpose track machine. The E-clips offers high speed mobility with integrated DTS suspension and a revolutionary full motion Flex-Trac pad, which eclipses traditional rail based track undercarriages. E-clips includes the ability to transform effective hydraulic horsepower to Risley’s own line of CutLine cutter, mulcher, and grinder attachments. Equipped with the latest technologies in engine, hydraulics, and man-machine interfaces, the E-clips sets a new standard in efficiency with brand leading components such as Cummins, Sauer-Danfoss, Rexroth, and Flexxaire Reversible Fan. The E-clips can be configured as a loader or tractor configuration. Its design offers the flexibility to change its configuration to meet individual resource needs. Check out here the original article.

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