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PrimeTech chooses Flexxaire for its new PT-300 with tier 4 engine technology.

The tracked carriers in the PT Series sold by the PrimeTech division of the FAE Group can be used for a host of applications: vegetation management, ROW clearing, land conversion, road reclamation, soil stabilization, road construction and maintenance etc.
The range now includes five models with working weights varying from 8-30t with installed power from 160-600 hp, with some versions designed for mine clearing.
PrimeTech’s flagship model, the mid-size PT-300 tracked carrier, is now available with a Tier 4 engine. Along with installing a new engine some important modifications and improvements were made to this unit, however the main features the PT-300 is known for, remain the same: productivity, maneuverability, reliability, low ground pressure and comfort.

New improvements:

  • CAT C7.1 Acert 7l (428 in³) turbocharged and aftercooled engine, with 6 in-line cylinders, producing 302 hp (225 kW). It complies with the Tier 4F emission regulations.
  • The bigger engine compartment, with two large side doors on each side, allows easy and quick access to any service points, hoses, engine and hydraulic filters. An easily removable tool box in the engine compartment can storage tools and teeth.
  • The low-vibration and low-noise cabin (less than 79 dB) is spacious, with excellent visibility and more headroom. A new digital 7” color display allows the operator to check and keep main parameters under control, as well as to customize functions and settings. It can also be used for diagnostics and trouble shooting.
  • The forestry mulcher underwent some major redesign and offers some very interesting new features, like the new push-frame design to reach the ground for dragging and raking; the adjustable skids to set required working depth; the bolt-on counter blades for quicker change and reduced maintenance cost.

PrimeTech and Flexxaire, a winning partnership

The PT-300 is equipped with an oversized radiator with high cooling capacity for hydraulic oil, air and water, even when working in extremely hot climates.
The radiator comes with coarse fins, preventing them from getting plugged by dust and dirt and making cleaning much easier.
The radiator can be equipped with a proportional and reversible fan provided by Flexxaire.
The Flexxaire pitch sensor fan, in combination with the ECU of the machine, monitors the temperatures and automatically adjust the the airflow by changing the pitch of the blades. Basically, Flexxaire provides exactly the airflow that is necessary for efficient cooling, not more, not less. This results in less power absorbed by the fan and eventually in lower fuel consumption.
In addition to this, the fan is set up as a sucker fan helping to keep dust out of the engine compartment and thus keep it clean. The fan is hydraulically driven and the pitch of the blades gets adjusted hydraulically, being a more reliable solution to belt driven fans with blades being adjusted by a separate air compressor.

“Dust is usually a killer for radiators” says Cristian Fabbri, Head of Engineering at PrimeTech “but since we installed a Flexxaire reversible fan system on our machines, cooling efficiency is better and radiators tend to stay cleaner also in very hot and dusty environment. Once temperatures go up the Flexxaire fan kicks in and blows out the dust and debris. The Flexxaire system makes cleaning operations easier, maximizes engine performance and saves fuel.”
Finally, Fabbri points out “The reversible cleaning cycle has a manual and automatic activation control. On the main display the operator can change the automatic settings (cycle times) based on the working conditions.”
Flexxaire and PrimeTech have been working together since 2010 and Flexxaire is PrimeTech’s exclusive supplier for proportional reversible fans for all tracked carriers of the PT Series.


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